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Who we are

We are 1210 Media

We are 1210 Media, a media agency that offers new innovative ways for advertising. The world is changing at a rapid pace, always looking to improve and modernize in all areas. So we, following the international trends and means of technology, we offer to our customers a new, modern and innovative way of advertising their company or their brands. 1210 Media is here to guide you towards the ultimate advertising success. We are inspired and motivate to help you to step up in this new era.

our specialities

1210 Media is focusing in 2 innovative ways of advertising, Interactive Mirrors and Holograms.

What is Interactive Mirror

The interactive mirror is a unique and innovative advertising idea, or as we like to call it
"The new way of advertising”. What makes this mirror so special is that the image reacts to the movement. When standing near it at a distance of about 20-100 cm (the distance is adjusted according to your needs), the expression visible in the mirror will soon turn into a mirror taking the image into the corner of the mirror. This ensures that you can use the mirror at that time to look at yourself and the same time consciously examine the advertising massage. Taking a small step back, the ad will return. The interaction with the mirror ensures that our potential audience/target consciously examines the campaign presented.
Can be placed in hotels, restaurants and clubs, shops, sports clubs, cinemas, cafes, malls even in various events.
The mirror consumes 20 Watts, is energy efficient and environmentally friendly!

What is a Hologram

The hologram is another new and unique idea of promotion and advertising. A holographic 3D animation that attracts attention and gives value to your company/product. With our holograms, a 3D video is projected on the air. Suitable to offers your company the attention it deserves from your audience/target with one unique way, giving a clear picture of your services or products in a nutshell time period. The possibilities are unlimited. From a hologram with a sensor to an interactive host with or without sound, you will draw the attention to your company/products in a unique way. We deliver custom-made solutions, and our creative team is happy to assist and create with you
• Unique in image/high value of attention
• 3D video content
• Strategic choices
• Greenscreen recordings